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Moscow State Forest University

Faculty of Humanities

The task of the faculty of humanities is to train specialists with deep knowledge in both humanities and  complex engineering. The students obtain a good command of two foreign languages: English and either French or German or Spanish. Special attention is devoted to economic subjects. The graduates of the faculty cannot only teach economics but also work as economists at the forest complex enterprises and in various economic organizations. Specialist options are Linguistics and Intercultural Communications, Professional Training.

The University also comprises the faculty of Contract training, faculty of Military Training, Upgrading faculty (Refreshing faculty) for teachers, Upgrading faculty for specialists, faculty of Evening and Extra-Mural Training.

The University has concluded agreements with more than 15 secondary and grammar schools with specialized teaching of mathematics, physics, biology, botany, chemistry, foreign languages, entrepreneurship, business and economics. These schools are situated in different regions of Moscow and Moscow district.